A work of art is a refined and intensified form of experience. Working with African textiles from the National Museum of African Art Library allowed me to use hand printed and hand-woven fabrics of the past and turn them into new stories. All of my books contain stories or information that I believe are culturally and socially significant.
Goats is an exploration of the inextricable ties between the environment and man.  In desperate times, how do people find hope and inspiration?
Lions learned from courage
hand painted, needle work, hand and machine sewn, 16.5" x 25.5" x 2", 2017
Green wetland, hot tempered and feisty, your rugged terrain we roam
Our children's last tears make your morning dew
A thousand shades of green was your kingdom
Burning Air
detailed view: manipulated textiles, printmaking, hand painting
Billy goats don't eat roots
detail view: fabric manipulation, hand painting

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