Torn but not Broken is a series composed of unbound textile pages.  This series examines what it means to be human by highlighting the common threads of our dreams, our realities, our hopes, our fears, our actions, and our responses.  
Torn but not Broken uses a classical deconstructionists approach to visual storytelling.  This approach reveals the nuances of text and imagery, and allows exploration and discovery of what lies beneath the various facets of human interaction.  In this series, I use textiles as a metaphorical way of cutting to the inner core of our human existence. The message is reinforced by silkscreening my original poetry onto the fabrics.
Is it For Fear to Wet a Widow's Eye
Created with a repurposed wedding gown, hand dyed, hand printed, 15" x 22", 2019
Sonnet X: Thou Art Beloved of Many
Printmaking on manipulated cotton with lace fragments from a vintage dress, hand beaded, hand sewn, 15" x 22", 2019
Seeking That Beauteous Roof
Hand dyed, hand painted, linocuts, silkscreened poetry, 20" x 30", 2018-9
Linocut and silkscreen on manipulated handwoven linens, 16. 5" x 22.5", 2017 
Printmaking on manipulated linens and cottons, fabric dyes, 17" x 23", 2017

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