Hand carved face of a woman is printed on painted newsprint background.  Large, bold title "Measure For Measure, W. Shakespeare" is printed above the forehead and top half of the image.  "Suzanne Coley" is printed in smaller letters on the bottom half of the image, across the woman's shoulders.
For years I wanted to create images using textiles in response to Shakespeare's plays.  "Measure For Measure" was one of them.  How much richer and more dynamic would the project be if more women were involved? 
So, in December 2022, I pitched the idea of making quilt blocks in response to Shakespeare's text to Maryland master quilter Mimi Dietrich and her group, "Mimi's Grad Class."  
Everyone who wanted to participate purchased a copy of "Measure For Measure" and began reading and discussing the themes in the play.  Then, a few months later we began making the quilt blocks.  In December 2023, the first book was completed.  Below are a few responses. 
In 2024, we will continue to create more!
Pastel colored quilt block with novice nun wearing a veil by Vera Hall. 
"Doubt" quilt created by Vera Hall.
Quilted block created by Beverly Schenning.
Quilt block by by Beverly Scheming
Quilt block created by Kristin Schenning.
9 patch quilt block created by Kristin Schenning.

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