The fine vintage velvets and hand loomed linens in my handmade textile book See Us are inherently interactive. The lush fabrics move and mold themselves in the hands of the reader.  
With every book I create, it is the poetry, the paintings, the colors, the fabric manipulations, the binding -- all of these combine into a single experience. Book arts engages many of the senses (sight, touch, smell, sound).  The reader interacts with the form and the content. Books unfold slowly; they exist in four dimensions. The reader can experience a progression of emotion/reaction that would be flattened if viewed all at once.
My ankles can't bear the load.  They made sandals from plastic water bottles and string.
Crossing Barbed Wire Borders
I want to write about delicate butterflies . . . 
Crossing Barbed Wire Borders
I want to write about lovely blue feathered parrots who live in the majestic Congo rainforest.
See Us, Soothe
hand painted, repurposed men's African garments, printmaking, needle work
Doctors say 12-year old girls in America have birthday parties with lots of pink balloons . . . 

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