Treasure of Thy Days: The above end sheet and first page were created with repurposed wedding gowns, textile dyes, printmaking and needle work, 16.5" x 24", 2019
When Forty Winters Shall Besiege Thy Brow: Textile pages made from repurposed wedding gowns, printmaking, fabric dyes, silkscreens and fabric paints, 16.5" x 24", 2019
All Thy Beauty Lies: Repurposed wedding dress, hand dyed, hand painted, hand beaded, needle work, vintage childhood quilt fragment, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Dig Deep Trenches in Thy Beauty: repurposed wedding dress, vintage quilt fragments, textile dyes, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Sonnet II: So Gazed on Now:  Deconstructed wedding gowns, handprinted, hand dyed, vintage quilt fragment, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Thy Youth's Proud Livery: Textile book using repurposed wedding dresses, hand dyed, hand painted textiles, 16.5" x 24", 2019

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