Love Sonnets from Shakespeare to Baltimore is a textile book project that explores memory, mortality, heterogeneity, and cultural symbols.  The primary inspiration for this project is literary: I am fascinated with the fourteen-line structure of Shakespearean sonnets, how they are structured like logical arguments about the emotions influenced by love and hate.  
The secondary inspiration for this project is fashion history: I am interested in the history of wedding dresses and their social, economic, and cultural significances.  Furthermore, why wedding gowns are used to symbolize the union of love.  Through the convergence of literature and fashion, this project becomes both a visual response to Shakespeare and a multi sensory artistic experience.  
Sonnet II: Forty Winters  (The 2nd book of the series)
Treasure of Thy Days: The above end sheet and first page were created with repurposed wedding gowns, textile dyes, printmaking and needle work, 16.5" x 24", 2019
When Forty Winters Shall Besiege Thy Brow: Textile pages made from repurposed wedding gowns, printmaking, fabric dyes, silkscreens and fabric paints, 16.5" x 24", 2019
All Thy Beauty Lies: Repurposed wedding dress, hand dyed, hand painted, hand beaded, needle work, vintage childhood quilt fragment, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Dig Deep Trenches in Thy Beauty: repurposed wedding dress, vintage quilt fragments, textile dyes, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Sonnet II: So Gazed on Now:  Deconstructed wedding gowns, handprinted, hand dyed, vintage quilt fragment, 16.5" x 24", 2019
Thy Youth's Proud Livery: Textile book using repurposed wedding dresses, hand dyed, hand painted textiles, 16.5" x 24", 2019

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